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There have been 581267 votes cast: 439474 good bot votes and 141793 bad bot votes.
Honorary Good Bot: SirBelvedere
Honorary Bad Bot: lukecis


GoodBot_BadBot keeps track of the public's opinion on bots. Each user may vote one time per bot by replying to the bot with "good bot" or "bad bot". The goal is to find out which bots are the most popular and least popular.

Please message GoodBot_BadBot if a user is not a bot, or if a real bot is not getting through the filtering.


Use the filter option on the right side of the navigation bar at the top of the page to view the data. You can also use the search form to check which bots a user has voted on. Click the bars on the graph to go to each bot's profile (thanks /u/nickburlett for helping me with the links).

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